About Mataka

Mataka is a beautiful, natural farm and conservation estate of 2,888 acres (1,169 ha) within New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, containing 30 home sites.
It is a master planned development designed to international standards enabling owners to be part of and enjoy a private house, the natural beauty of a very large property with beaches, farmland, conservation land and the creation of an important legacy for the future.
Mataka has one of the largest (if not the largest) population of kiwis on a single property in New Zealand. The flightless kiwi is unique to New Zealand and is under threat of extinction. Mataka plays a leading role in protecting this iconic bird.
Mataka combines spectacular coastal landscape, beaches, farmland, conservation reserves, wildlife and private homes at a scale rarely seen privately. Mataka is limited to 30 home sites permanently – effectively limiting houses to 1-2 % of total land area.
The development of Mataka has preserved the size and quality of its natural assets, providing owners and their families and guests with an outdoor farming, recreation and conservation experience rarely found in one place.
Mataka is located in one of New Zealand’s most beautiful areas, the Bay of Islands, in Northland. It is an easy half-hour drive (26 kilometres/16 miles) from one of Northland’s major population centres, Kerikeri, which is famous for its fruit orchards and crafts.